We Take Care Of All The 'Techie Stuff' For You, So You Don't Have To

We'll take care of all the 'behind the scenes' of getting your website live on the web leaving you to do what you love.

We will setup and maintain your:

  • Hosting Account
  • Domain Name
  • Website Security
  • Website Backup
  • Business Email Account
  • Configure all of your Social Media Accounts into your Website
  • Integrate your Blog (Essential Plus Plan)
  • Install and Implement all Updates

Hosting And Domain Name

We only use the best and most reliable hosting for your website, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your website will always be online and operating at full strength.

Your domain name (website address e.g www.PETBUSINESSLAND.co.uk) will be setup and registered for you, so you don’t have to worry that your DNS are pointing the wrong way!

You can call your website whatever you would like, just as long as the website address is still available to register, which we’ll find out for you as part of the setting up process.

Professional Business Email Address

Pet Care Business Email Address

No business is complete without their own professional Email address and we will create up to 3 for you!

You can have anything you would like at the beginning of your email address, e.g info@…..,contact@……. or yourname@….. The choice is completely up to you.

It makes life a little easier for you as well, you can designate specific email addresses to certain areas of your business.

Which looks better and more professional?


No brainer really!

Website Security And Backups

Website security and making regular backups of your website are essentials.
You don’t need to worry if your website is safe or not, we take care of it for you.

We will Install a high grade website security programme onto your website to protect it from any suspicious or threatening attempts to gain access to your website.

We’ll make and store a weekly backup of your website just in case something goes a little haywire that is out of our control!

We will keep the backup for 1 month and then remove it from the servers, so you will always have 3 to 4 copies of your website rotating in date order.

Pet Care Business Web Security
Integrations (Not Very Exciting, I know!)

We will Install, Configure and Implement all of your Social Media Accounts and Updates to your website and with your hosting account.

If you choose our Essentials Plus+ Web Plan, we will integrate your blog into your website so every aspect of your website works smoothly together and looks professional and friendly.

If there are any technical issues at any time with your website we are here to sort them immediately, that’s what we’re here for, so you can concentrate on the work you love and not the techie stuff!