Advertising and Marketing Your New Dog Walking Business.

Advertising and marketing your new pet Care business is as important as a great looking website

So many new pet care businesses fail because they’re led to believe that Word Of Mouth will be enough for them to build a professional successful business. Sadly, this isn’t true.

I understand completely why they would think that – They have friends and family who have pets that need caring for when they are running late from work or going out for the evening.

Maybe a neighbour has mentioned that they need a dog walker once or twice a week. However, when you total up the maximum potential payment that they could receive, it is a fair way short of running a successful, profitable pet care business.

When the average price for a half hour pet sitting visit is £8 and the average one hour dog walk is £10, you can quickly see that it isn’t a great deal of money being made each week.


With consistant, effective advertising and marketing of your business, you can build to walking twelve dogs a day (not at the same time!) and provide pet sitting services in the morning and evening.

Now the money being made each week is starting to look alot better.

That's why we believe that website design, advertising, branding and marketing should all be connected together to form one big marketing machine for your business. All of these seperate factors will be intertwined to make your business successful in being THE pet care business in your area.

Dog Walking Business Advertising And Marketing

Quality Advertising and Marketing Gets Clients.

So it makes sense that both of our Essentials and Essentials Plus+ Plan have this as standard.

If they didn’t, it would be like buying a pizza with slices missing! because who wants to pay for a dominos mega feast with two slices missing?

Nobody, that’s who!

When one factor is missing it becomes harder to successfully build your web presence.

We’ll make sure that, not only your website is looking great, optimised and visitor friendly, we’ll also make sure your business is right in front of people at the exact time they are looking for pet care services that you provide.

Promoting your pet care business on a wide variety of national websites, directories, local information websites, local forums and pet care service focused websites, potential clients won’t be able to miss you!

Advertising on the right websites is essential to getting your pet business in front of your potential clients at the right time.

We'll make sure your website is in the right place at the right time.
Dog Walking Business Link Building

We’ll only ever advertise, promote and build your business profile and backlinks to your pet care business in an ethical and honest way.

We’ll never buy links or spam websites because both practices are heavily frowned upon by search engines and people, including us.

Buying links and spamming websites is like cheating in a really sneaky under handed way, and cheats always get found out!

Using black hat link and profile building techniques can have a real detrimental effect on you and your business.

It’s also just a crappy, rubbishy thing to do, So we don’t do it.

Pet Care Business Marketing

If you have chosen the Essentials Plus+ Plan, having a blog on your website really comes into its own for advertising and marketing your dog walking business or pet care service.

It is your chance to really shine above all of your competition. Showing WHY anyboby who is looking for dog walkers, pet sitters or any other pet care service that you are professional, trustworthy and the one with the most know-how and are the best suited to take care of their pets.

Your clients can have peace of mind because you are a professional pet carer.

For example…

If somebody on a local forum in your area is asking for advice on how they can safely put their dog on a diet because he’s gained weight and there is a post on your blog about ‘How to Put Your Dog on a Diet’, we can direct that person towards that post. So you would be offering great advice about pet care (and specifically dogs) and they would see you as more trustworthy than somebody offering their own personal advice because you are a professional dog walker and pet carer.

They may not be looking for a dog walker (or possibly could be, to help their dog lose weight!) at that precise moment but you can be assured that you will spring to mind if they do need a dog walker at some point in the future because you have already shown them that you are caring, knowledgeable and helpful.

We use many tried, tested and proven advertising techniques and strategies to get your business known – directing people to your blog posts is one of the best ways to start attracting clients to your pet care business.

All of your advertising and marketing online is included in both The Essentials Plan and the Essentials Plus+ Plan

NOT correctly advertising and marketing a pet care business is the main reason why so many carers have to give up on their dreams and desire to run their own pet care business.

They just can’t get long lasting, paying clients to their business because they didn’t advertise their pet business or they didn’t advertise their pet business in an effective way that would drive new clients to them.

We know what works in the pet care industry – We’ve been there, Done That and Picked Up The Poop!