Our Essentials Plus+ Plan - Super Charged Advertising For Your Pet Business

Your Pet Care Business Blog Integrated, Seamlessly.

With our Essentials Plus+ Plan we’ll also integrate a blog into your website, alongside all the features and benefits of the Essentials Plan.

Having a blog on your pet care business website has many benefits but the two biggest benefits to your pet care business from having a blog are :

  • Your potential clients who are visiting your website are alot more likely to turn into your permanent clients.
  • Google loves it!

The more valuable pages of content you have on your website, the More Clients You Will Attract.

Google loves your blog because – It’s easier for Google to understand what your website is about and can also see that there’s alot of quality information about pet care on your website, therefore ranking you higher in the search results and more people will discover your business.

People love your blog because – Having a blog shows people that you have a real, true knowledge about pet and animal care and the result of that is more people will instantly see you as a more authoritative and trustworthy pet carer.

I know what you may be thinking:

“That’s great, but I’m not a writer and how would I even put it on my website!?”

Google Search Engine Optimisation

We Work Within The Pet Care Industry So Writing Content For Your Blog That Your Visitors Will Love Comes Naturally to Us!

Fear not! We have it all covered for you...

Mixing together nearly a decade of web design and marketing experience with running a dog walking and pet care service ourselves, we’ve created a melting pot of Pets and Pixels!

Content for your pet care blog needs to be written for your website visitors aswell as for search engines like Google. 

  • We know what your visitors want to read about because we have asked our own dog walking and pet sitting clients.
    Our clients told us an extremely varied and wide range of topics and issues that they would be interested in reading posts about, from dog training techniques to Guinea Pig noises!
  • An important part of your website and blog is making sure your content is produced in a way that not only your future clients want to read the post but also Google understands the post and wants to let other people know that the post is great by placing it high up in the search results.

Combining those two factors together can be tricky to achieve.

It involves writing content that is interesting, informative and engages your reader, yet at the same time making search engines like Google understand what your content is about and what topics or keywords you would like Google to rank your website for in the search results.

This is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Because we want your pet care service to succeed as much as you do, SEO is included as an esssential part of both of our Web Plans.

Geek Out Time!
Dog Walking Business SEO

There are around 200 factors which Google takes into account when ranking a website so if you are new to producing blog posts and website content learning just a fraction of these factors on how to produce the right SEO content can certainly take up alot of your time!

But you don’t need to worry…

We’ve got it covered for you.

How Your Content Will Be Written For Your Blog.

We provide Ways that Suit You.

Together, We'll Get Pet Care clients To Your Business Using blog content marketing.

There are different ways we can create and produce content for your blog, here are some of the most popular:

  • Pet Business Land can write and publish a 500-750 word post for you every month.
    The post will provide help and advice to pet owners on a variety of pet care subjects.
    The post will be unique and of course, be Search Engine Optimised.
    It will also be ghostwritten by us and the post will be published under your own name or your business name.

  • You can give us a topic or just a title to write about each month and we will write a 500-750 word post about that subject. We’ll optimise and publish it onto your blog and add images if needed.

  • If you’re a budding wordsmith you can write an article or post anytime you like.
    The post can be as long or as short as you’d like.
    Just simply Email over the post/article to us and we will add images (if you request) at no extra cost and publish it live to your blog.
    The post doesn’t have to contain perfect spelling and grammer, we will proofread and correct any errors before we publish it live.
    We will optimise the post for Google and create Metadata, Meta Descriptions, internal/external links and Alt Tags for images.
    We may need to slightly alter a certain word, sentence or part of the layout occasionally so the post can be fully optimised for Google.
We will always write and publish a minimum of one, 500-750 word blog post for you Every month.

There is no limit to how many articles or posts you can have on your blog, its only limited by how many you can write!

Boost Your Pet Care Business

As you can see, having a blog for your local pet care business brings a real boost to your advertising and marketing.
In turn, attracting more potential clients to your website and making them aware of your dog walking and pet care services, it vastly increases your ability to advertise, promote and market your business.

And not to forget…

  • You build authority within the pet care industry.
  • You become a ‘Go-To’ resource for people within your community.
  • It boosts your brand and business as a whole.
  • You create an amount of trust before you even meet your new clients.