Dog Walking Business Names: The Professional Touch

Every dog walking business needs a name.

But what type of name should you pick for your new pet care business?

There are mainly 3 different types of dog walking business names, they are:

• Professional Dog Walking Business Name
• Quirky Dog Walking Name
• Self Named Dog Walking Business

Today we are going to look at why there is only one choice to make really. I know that is a bold statement to make, but as I’ve written before, I will only write about areas and subjects that I know work well within the pet industry, and I’ll certainly write about what doesn’t work and to stay well clear of. As always leave a comment at the end of this post either if you agree or disagree!

So let’s take a look…

Choosing a Professional Dog Walking Business Name

Pet Care Business Name IdeasHaving a professional dog walking business name gives a professional impression (not to state the obvious!) Potential clients will see your business name when they’re looking for a dog walker or any other pet care service and will make a judgement very quickly, let’s be honest, we all do it when we are looking for a business, service or product, It’s just human nature!

Don’t believe me?…

OK, Quick test.
You are looking to buy a new Smartphone:
Which company would you be more likely to buy a product from or visit their website to find out more?

  1. Apple
  2. Samsung
  3. Big Dave

Slightly biased I Know! but I’m guessing either 1 or 2!
Simply because they are both trusted brand names that virtually everybody in the world will have heard of.

When your clients are going to give you keys to their home and want you to take care of their beloved pet, making a professional and trusted first impression with your business name is essential.

Your business name doesn’t have to be known the world over, but it does have to impress quality and trust upon your potential customers when they see it for the first time.

And in turn, you will be more likely to be contacted regarding your pet care services over that of somebody who hasn’t put any thought into their business name. Regardless, that it maybe Day 1 of your business and Big Dave’s Dogs has been open for a year!

We all love our dogs. Your clients want to leave their dog and their house keys with somebody who is professional and trustworthy.

Naming Your Dog Walking Service

Of course things like trust, quality of service and professionalism won’t be automatically given to you just because you have a great dog walking business name, but you can certainly start the ball rolling with a great company name.

Another great benefit of choosing a professional business name is:

It’s easier to market and advertise your dog walking services.

You’re possibly at the very beginning stages of starting up your dog walking and pet siting business. Which firstly is great because you’re going into one of the most rewarding businesses out there!


It is never too early to be thinking about the future of your new business.

Of course there is a lot of hard work and stressful times that are involved in setting up a dog walking business but the start up and planning process doesn’t last forever.

There are three definite stages of having a successful pet care business (and any business in general!)

  • Starting
  • Running
  • Growing

Pet Sitting Business Names

To get your business running it will need to be advertised and promoted. Word of Mouth is priceless but right at the beginning of your new business this is limited to family and friends, which is great but they only have so many pets and they only know so many people with pets!

With everything in place (website up and running, equipment ready to go and paperwork in place)

you just need…Clients!

Having a professional pet business name is alot easier to market and advertise to your potential clients because it is a brand. A brand that can start to grow from your first dog walk.

Before my wife and I started our pet care company, I worked within the website design industry, I created websites for a variety of local businesses who used strong branding to grow and thrive in their industry. In my 9 years of experience of building websites and marketing for local businesses I know that:

A professional business name along with a great website and the right advertising and marketing, gets clients.

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