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Pet Business Land provides you with all the help, advice and support you need to start a trusted, professional and profitable pet care business - Easy, affordable and effective.

At Pet Business Land, we believe that pet carers provide not just a valuable and essential service but also give peace of mind and happiness to their clients – human and non-human!

Together we can grow your pet care business into the business you want it to be and make your business the pet business that people want to use.

Who Are We?

Pet Business Land was founded by pet loving husband and wife (super duo!) Simon and Melissa Starr. We started our pet care service in Leicestershire,UK in early 2014. Since then our pet care business has quickly grown into a very successful and profitable business. We’ve learned alot about running a pet care business. We’ve learned how to attract new clients, how to mix professionalism and our caring nature to the right level and many more skills that never even crossed our minds when we first started out!


It’s certainly not always been simple and straight forward.

When I say we have learned alot, I mean, we have learned an absolute mountain of information and knowledge about how to successfully run a dog walking and pet sitting business, more than enough to create a website and support, help and advise other pet care business startups and owners.

Hold on a minute…

That sounds like a good idea!

And so, Pet Business Land is here.

Pet Business Land is an ever-growing website for pet business advice, help, guides and resources for your business. We provide pet business website design, online advertising and marketing. Everything you need to start, run and grow your pet care business and make your life easier and less stressful!

We’ll teach you step by step how to start a dog walking and pet sitting business, how to advertise and promote your pet business online and offline in your local community, organisation tips, business branding and alot more that will help you to make your pet business a success and for you to be the trusted, professional choice for people who need pet care services.

All pet care businesses are born out of a passion for caring for animals, be it horses or hamsters!
We believe that offering a professional pet care service is an absolute must to gain trust and loyalty from your clients (human and non-human!) and through providing a high quality service you will easily attract new clients helping your business to be successful and profitable.

Pet Care Business Owners Are The Hardest Working And The Kindest People I Know.

But, Sadly…

We have seen many pet businesses start-up and then just vanish 6 months later. The majority of pet businesses close down or quit because their love of walking dogs, pet sitting or any other form of pet care is completely disconnected from the business side of being a successful and profitable pet care provider.

To make things even worse, there is no one single resource to provide tried and tested advice and support to startups and established companies to start, run and grow their business and work through the challenges they face in starting a pet care business.

There are websites that have some bits of useful information to offer but no one website provides the real ‘nuts and bolts’ covering all aspects of starting a pet care business providing full professional support, advice and services that are needed to build your own profitable and professional pet care business.

Until now, that is!

Using Our Experience To Make Your Pet Care Business A Success

Melissa and I were fortunate in that we could both transfer our work skills and experience into building our local pet care business.

Melissa worked in a customer facing and organisational role for 15+ years and I worked (and still do) as a website designer, copywriter and as an online marketer for 9 years.

Whatever work background you come from there is always at least one skill or area of expertise that will help in your new pet care business, it’s just a case of transferring your experience into a pet care business (which is easier than you probably think!)

We both wanted to channel and combine our experiences and skills into something that we love and pet care was the obvious choice for us.

When we started we quickly realised that there isn’t a great deal of good advice, help and step by step guides out there (unless we spent around £15,000 on a pet care franchise) or what advice is out there is just the same stuff – post flyers, put up posters etc etc, which is OK, but posting flyer’s and putting up posters only works if they are designed right and seen in the right places.

That's Why Pet Business Land Exists Today - To Provide Great Advice, Help, Support And Deliver Affordable Essential Online Services To Pet Business Startups And Owners.

Some aspects of establishing your business and being successful aren’t easy.

It will take time, investment and patience. But, together, we can work through them step by step and make your pet business everything you want it to be from day one.

All of our articles, advice and step by step guides on every aspect of starting, running and growing your pet care business can be found on our Blog – Which never stops growing!

A pet business with a busy ever-growing bookings calendar is a successful pet care business.


If you’ve ever asked yourself “How do I get dog walking clients?” or “How do I advertise my pet business online”? or simply “How do I start a dog walking business?”, then you’re in the right place.

Together, we’ll grow your pet care business into the business you want it to be.

Our personal goal here at Pet Business Land?


To Make Your Pet Business Successful.