3 More Essential Elements Your Pet Business Website Must Have

Dog Walking Business Website Essentials


I would like to say a big Thank You for taking the time to get these 3 more advanced elements for your website to really take off and reduce the workload for you in the long run.

Just by simply reading this it shows how determined and committed you are about making your pet care business successful and profitable.

The previous 7 elements were a long ole read! Hopefully though, you found it enjoyable and actionable.

Including the next 3 elements onto your pet business website, will really give you and your pet care business web design a boost that will set you apart from your local competition.

So, Let’s get back down to business…

1. Dedicated Meet and Greet Form

I’m almost certain that, because you are reading these 3 extra ‘advanced must have’ elements on your pet business website, that you will be providing a free meet and greet for all of your new clients – which is a professional and sensible thing to do.

Pet Business Client Free Meet and Greet

The whole point of your meet and greet form is to get to know as much detail as possible about your new clients and their pets.

You really want to be going to your meet and greet with around 70% of your paperwork already completed, you’re just going to clarify the finer points of the service you are going to provide to the pet owner.

Getting New Dog Walking Clients

Of course, you can never guarantee that the pet owner will say ‘yes’ to your service and become a new client, but over the years I’ve come to realise it is really hard to NOT get the client after your free meet and greet.

I believe that, if you love animals and you can prove this to the pet owner by showing certificates, recommendations or proving that you are a professional pet carer and fully know how to care for pets, then 99.9% of the time the pet owner will become your new client.

Setting Up Your Meet and Greet Form

We created our own pet care business meet and greet form to work for us.

Pet Care Business Meet and Greet

(There isn’t usually the grey background on the bottom half of the form, it’s there because the background is ‘fixed’ on the dog when the pet owner scrolls down the form.)

We included all the main questions that need to be answered by the pet owner (i.e. name, address, phone number etc.)

We also included all the main questions that need to be answered about their pet (i.e. name, age, what service do they require and how long will the service last etc.)

As you can see we always leave room for anything that they would like to add and let us know about.

That section is usually filled in by pet owners whose homes are difficult to find, which is always a huge help!

Professional Tip:

Always put links to your meet and greet form on every page you have which explains a service you offer. For example, at the bottom of your dog walking page, pet sitting page, pet taxi page etc.
Also, put a feature box on your HomePage which links to your meet and greet form.

There are many different options when it comes to creating your form, the best two form builders are JotForm.com and Cognito forms.com. They both offer a free package, which is great! The free package does the job perfectly so there is no need to invest any money to build your form and they both have an extensive range of help and support to guide you through.

2. Areas You Cover Page

This is a HUGE time saver for you.

When you first start your dog walking business or any other pet business, you are SUPER BUSY!

A lot of your time at the beginning stages of your new business will be taken up by promoting and advertising your new pet business offline, for example:

  • Posting your dog walking business flyers door to door
  • Going into local shops to pin up your pet business posters
  • Arranging and attending meetings with pet shops/pet products suppliers
  • Reaching out to other local pet related businesses in your area to see if there is an opportunity to work together.

There are just four examples but in my experience the biggest time thieves!

Dog Walking Business Service Area

Posting your dog walking business flyers door to door is a massive time consumer. You need to be looking in the region of a minimum of 500 houses.

The harsh truth about flyer posting door to door is that you will be very lucky to gain 1 new client out of every 500 flyers you post.

Advertising and marketing your dog walking services in this way is a complete shot in the dark – you don’t know if the house has any pets, let only if they would need any pet care services you offer!

Having a fully detailed ‘Areas We Cover’ page on your website that clearly specifies towns, villages or postcodes that your pet business can provide a service in, saves you time by instantly showing pet owners whether or not they live in your service area.

Name the places your services cover in a bullet point list.
Listing the areas makes it even easier for your website visitor to scan down the list to see if their area is included.

Also, list your area place names in the footer of your website, so your service area is visible on every page of your pet website.

Dog Walking Business Service Areas

Even though you have made it as clear as possible which areas your pet care business provides services in – you will still get the occasional pet owner submit a meet and greet form to you and they live nowhere near the area you cover – very annoying!

When that happens just send them a quick email to tell them that you don’t cover their town or street.

Professional Tip:

Include a map on your Areas Covered Page by using a free map making website like scribblemaps.co.uk. It’s easy to use and lets you draw areas on your map so you can really define your service area, right down to houses.

Always be sure to make the map responsive (as with your whole website) so that any potential client can view it correctly on whatever device they are using.

Which leads onto the last element...

3. Responsive Website

Responsive Dog Walking Business Web Design

Every website now needs to be responsive.

Your pet business website is no different.

Internet users use the web in a variety of ways using a variety of devices. Mobiles, Tablets and a wide range of desktop and laptop computers with a wider range of screen sizes!

Whatever device the pet owner is searching the web on, your dog walking business website needs to look great and automatically resize according to the device it is being viewed on.

Mobile Friendly Dog Walking Business Website

It’s frustrating when you tap to visit a website on your smartphone and you’re constantly zooming in and out and swiping side to side just to read a few lines of text which has an image or two!

Luckily there are a couple of easy fixes to a non-responsive web design. If you are using a WordPress Theme than chances are that your pet business website will be mobile friendly.

Nearly all WordPress Themes and WordPress Page Builders are mobile responsive.

Pet Business Website WordPress Plugin

If your Theme isn’t responsive there are many WordPress Plugins that will do the job very nicely! Probably the three most popular are:

  • WPtouch
  • JetPack for WordPress
  • Mobile Smart

You can find all of these Plugins in WordPress Plugin Directory.

Professional Tip:

Step up the pet owners experience off your website by including AMP.
We all like quick loading websites and this is super quick!
As this is still in an infant stage of development, you can lose certain CSS features but knowing a little bit of HTML5 along with CSS, you can easily add back what you lose!

So, There We Go Then!

Another 3 elements your dog walking and pet sitting website can implement to start getting clients for your pet care business.


If you haven’t quite got the previous 7 essential elements up and running on your pet care website, get them on first then come back to these 3!

As always, I would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have about these 3 slightly more advanced essential elements your pet business website needs – What has worked well for you? What was a waste of time!?

Let the community know in the comments section.

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